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Our mission is to inform Americans of the destruction to our Constitutional Republic by the global elite. The infiltration of the Christian Churches and manipulation of the faithful with the false illusion of left and right politics in America, are only distractions to keep Americans looking in the wrong direction, while the Global elite create their New World Order. We all must expose the real truth about what really happened on 9/11 and its implications to our freedoms under the Patriot Act.
Please enlighten your family and friends and encourage them to listen to WXEI 95.3 FM's uncensored programming. The hour is late and it's time to get serious about protecting our precious freedoms. Make no mistake, no one is going to come to our rescue, it's everyones mission to save America!

WXEI 95.3 FM is the home of the Jon Arthur Live! Radio Show.

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Jon Arthur, Host Of Jon Arthur Live!

Jon Arthur is an ultra-conservative radio talk show host and aspiring actor. Jon is a Christian, Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, and a Constitutionalist. Jon Arthur is an Independent Patriot and also a card carrying member of Oath Keepers. Jon is best known as the host of the Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show "Jon Arthur Live" heard Monday-Friday at 7 a.m. Central on the First Amendment Radio Network.

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